How it works

  • Call the nearest technician

    Ease of starting an occurrence on your device.

  • View the displacement route

    The nearest technician will move to the place of care

  • Evaluate your service

    After the technician has resolved the issue, you will evaluate the service.

  • Call management

    Manage all your calls online, control your time and save money

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Find a computer technician closest to your company

Through our platform with unique geolocation technology,
you will be able to control and monitor the attendance in your units.

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Features that go beyond a simple call.

Export reports, view all call lists, and have full control of your calls.

  • Geolocated platform, real-time monitoring.
  • Automatic flow in the choice of technician.
  • Provision of professional data.
  • Evaluation of the professional by ticket attended.
  • Automation in the management and activation of technicians.
  • Management in Web platform or APP (Android and IOS)
  • Electronic evaluation of technical skills.
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Do not waste any more time.

Connect your business

With the largest network of technicians

Of computer science in Brazil.

Criterious process of selection and homologation of professionals to meet the so-called technical support of field of your company.

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